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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Not Really Saying...

Look, we're not saying we believe the book Tim Donaghy can't get published, Blowing The Whistle. But we're not exactly saying we don't believe at least some of it either.

No, it's not like we've read it, just the excerpts on Deadspin but it looks like a good read for anyone into reading, after which the reader can make their own opinions. If it does manage to get published (how about a cult publication where only the quantity pre-ordered is printed?) we'll be buying a copy to go on the bookshelf next to Phil Jackson's books. It was suspenseful enough to make us want more. We'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The New Hunt...

... where we're the ones being hunted.

So many things to say about today, and yet, we really don't need to say anything at all. Instead, let us borrow from Kurt at, because he perfectly summarized it...

God, it is good to be hated again.

It’s an oddly comforting thing for Lakers fans when the entire world seems to be passionately wishing for your team to fail, hoping for an earthquake that will break off Los Angeles and dump it in the ocean so that they don’t have to hear about the Lakers again. When the Lakers are hated, you know they are good.

Let the games begin.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

4 To Go

Oh boy! Hold on to your hats ladies and gents, we're ready to rumble. Tonight is the night, the night where all of the "are the Lakers soft?", "where did the Magic come from?", "is Kobe better than LeBron?" of the media and the blogosphere comes to a halt. There can be no more talking, there can be no more speculation. Tonight we start the last leg of the race.

One thing is for sure, we're tired of hearing Kobe can't win without Shaq. Yeah yeah, Shaq won without Kobe, but he just replaced Kobe. And not he replaced Kobe, someone else replaced Kobe for him. So it's really not a matter of Kobe's no good without Shaq, it's a matter of, no one man can win the effing championship alone. Kinda like how Melo thinks no one man can guard him. But thats besides the point.

We don't have any witty insight to this series, it's pretty evenly matched in the point, counter-point areas. As cliched as this is, it's gonna come down to execution. Here's what we hope: We hope that the Lakeshow remembers what it felt like last June when they had to fly back to Los Angeles after game 6 and that that motivates them to EXECUTE.

We're not pointing any specific fingers at any specific team members, but as Nana likes to say, "If you think this is about you, there must be a reason you think that."

Lakers: Do Work.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

About game 1

Oh snap, look who rolled into town... okay, don't look, do whatever you want, but it's the Denver Nuggets!

They are favorites of ours for a couple of reasons, but the number one of those reasons is because we get to watch our dear dear friend Orangejello doing what he does best... sitting behind George Karl being orange. Hearts will fall this series.

Another of the favorites, and this is newly christened, the ineptitude of those who own both the Nuggets and the Pepsi Center. Sure you all know by now that they've overbooked the larger than life vending machine. But, here's the problem, the venue and the team are owned by the SAME PEOPLE. It's not like this is STAPLES where even though the communication between the team and the venue is stellar, there is the potential for an error like this. No no, the venue is owned by the same freakin' people who own the goddamn team. How does this happen? And whats to be done about it? Well, it's pretty cut and dry since the WWE has a contract written in ink, and the Nuggets do not, unless the WWE wants to roll over, the Nugs are gonna have to ask the NBA and ESPN to reschedule. But the NBA thinks they aren't gonna have to reschedule because they are GOD, and thats that. I vote for the increasing in popularity by the minute idea that we allow both events to take place simultaneously. To increase the awesome factor, they can let people with tickets to both in and everyone gets to lap sit with their new friends. Problem Solved!
Oh the hilarity that will ensue. In fact, we're looking for tickets on teh interwebz right now, anybody got any extras?

Anyhow, now that the Lakers are apparently the underdogs for this series let's see if they show up and prove everyone wrong and make a bunch of people look like assholes.

Who be ready to rumble??

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Game 7 what????

We refuse to accept a reality in which the Lakers do not play in the NBA finals against Cleveland or Boston, which means, hooray! We win the game today.

No really, there is no other possibility. There cannot be that much talent laying around going to waste, it's just impossible. Also, not that we're totally into things like this but... Lakeshow hasn't lost a Sunday Night White game all season long. Just sayin'! So we probably can't be held responsible to a blog during Game 7 while sitting on the edge of a seat and trying not to scream so loudly at every play that the neighbors get concerned for our safety. That leaves us with a few errant thoughts today:

~ The first being that, between Jeanie Vision and @JeanieBuss on twitter doesn't it feel like Jeanie and Phil are on a reality show about their power relationship? Wouldn't Phil Jackson make an awesome reality show subject? When is NBATV going to start it's reality series? And can we be a part of the show some how since we suggested it? Thanks in advance.

~ We made some comment at the first time out regarding how we've never been this excited at the beginning of a game since probably ever. And about how we're probably going to lose our voices and comment during every time out. And the crowd is at full throat at tip-off.

~ Then we made another comment at the 3:19 timeout (don't ask how we remember the time) that said: Defense is ON today! And by that we mean very few blown defensive assignments! Woo! We feel like LeBron in the chalk commercial. I NEED A BASKETBALL IN MY HANDS! WOOOO!

~ And then the computer crashed. Stupid PC. But believe there was some sort of genius in those first two comments that we really just can't remember at this moment.

~ During half time we have something to say:

Andrew is back. Jordan is back. Lakeshow is back. =)

~ Reports from the inside of the booing during the national anthem's "And the rocket's red glare" are simultaneously hilarious and scary.

~ Trevor and Jordan!!!! (approx 1:20 in 3rd Quarter)


Bangin' with Mbenga!


Lakeshow: Doin' work!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Because the script is just as great without the movie

LB: WOO! Post season Kobe Bryant! Get excited. Woo!

KB: Uh, LeBron... I am excited ok?

LB: Playoffs baby!

KB: I'm ready for the playoffs.

LB: Woo! Chosen One!

LB: Post. Season. Post seasoooon!

KB: Alright. Post season back atcha.

LB: Woo!

KB: Post season.

LB: Chosen One. Ohio baby! Woo! Akron Ohio baby!

Come on Kobe, let's go down the HIGHWAY!

KB: Ummm...

LB: Get excited! Let's do it! Woo! Twenty dollar Chinese food. Playoffs baby! Plaaaayoffs!

Make some noise. Woooo! Make some noise Kobe. Come on number twenty-fo'. Wooooo! Beef and broccoli.

Here we go! Game time Kobe. Wooo! Gaaaame Time!

Woo! I need a basketball in my hands. Woooo!

KB: Are we done yet?

LB: I'm just gettin' started baby! Yeah, woo! Come oooon! Come on! MVP! Hahahaaaaa.
Yeah... twenty three. Two three. Waaaaa!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lakers vs Rockets - Game 4

Clearly that nonsense with Game 1 was just part of the Lakers' ploy to add drama to an otherwise boring playoff run they're making. Because how else were they going to get game 5 so they can close out the series at home?

But first, notes from around the league:
The LeBron's: We're pretty happy for them that they aren't going to lose any games until the finals.
The rest in the East: We're not even watching because it's irrelevant and involves KG.
Denver/Dallas: Denver can't wait for their chance at payback for last year's broom incident with the Lakers. We can't wait either.

Now on this series:
So sad to see Yao go. Unlike the KG situation - KG deserves what he's getting because he's an asshat - where karma is a BITCH, Yao doesn't deserve this. Anyone who watched the game the other night could tell he wanted to keep playing and he was nothing but respectable to opponents on the court. Either way, it's time for the Lakers to strike and maim.
Also, so great to see D. Fish back! (but we'll miss him on Twitter)

1st Quarter
- At first it's hard to decide but upon close inspection there are a lot of empty seats in the house. Houston, get it together, this is the farthest your team has been in a long ass time. Even LA shows up at tip-off in the playoffs.

- ESPN and ESPN on ABC is bothersome. As far as national TV announcers go we'll take TNT all year 'round. There are only 2 half time shows we'l watch. Any involving Chuck Barkley and the one on FSN West when Rick Fox is there being ridiculous and non contributory.

- 17-4. We don't even want to comment on who has 17 points and who has 4 right now.

5:46 Finally a time out to stop the bleeding!

- Not that it matters much, but why does Fish have on a headband tonight?

- We would also like to know where the Lakers left their defense. Is it at the hotel? On the bus? In the locker room? Someone call the local PD and file a missing persons report.

- This just in from a friend in Anaheim, apparently there is a group of people cheering with abandon for the Rockets. They must be Clipper fans. Poor poor souls. And Kobe with a T. Shit.

That was the most depressing quarter of basketball we've ever spent time not paying attention to. AWFUL.

2nd Quarter
- "Luke Walton throws it to no one."

- We'll comment on this quarter when there's something worth commenting on. Thanks.

- Oh look, the misery is over. No comments. Let's just start a new game next quarter huh?

3rd Quarter
- This game is completely out of hand and utterly disheartening to watch. What else can we say?

- We're not ref hating - just like we weren't when Ron Ron got that "Flagrant 2" in game 3 - but the loose ball foul was uncalled for.

- 67-40 is it that the Lakers haven't had enough time to sight-see in Houston and need to come back for game 6?

- Ohmigod Lamar. Ouch! =(

- Having nothing to do with the play of D. Fish but maybe Jordan should have started again, that seemed to work last game.

- Shannon standing nervously on the sidelines. We like him. That is all.

- You have got to be kidding me.

4th Quarter
- So game 6 thoughts?

- Really quite sad.

- Not even their mothers are proud of today's effort.

That is all.